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My First Ever YouTube Vlog "Embrace The Detours"

♡♡ Hi Everybody! Excited to present to you my very first VLOG! Lately I have been traveling quite a bit for photoshoots and wanted to share with you my essence of adventure and take you all along for the ride! My best friend & model Kaylynn (KAYDE DAWN) was visiting from Canada and accompanied me on a month long photoshoot journey! Our first nights travel we are off on a late night 6 hour road trip with photographer and friend JONATHAN PEREZ to Keough's Hot Springs in central California! We didn't leave until around 10pm this night, reason being because KAYDE didn't fly into Los Angeles from Canada until 8pm! We stayed at the Austrian Hof Lodge in Mammoth, CA, which was an hour drive from our shooting location at the Hot Springs the following morning. Aside from shooting on no sleep with a 6 AM call time the shoot went great! It was a beautiful location and I couldn't of had a better time with two of my best buddies! Stay tuned for the photos being published in Denmark based magazine "PLAYERS" this summer! On our second adventure we have hair and makeup artist JENNIFER BUCHALLA and photographer KIERAN CHUNG with us! We have a hair and makeup call time of 5am then it's a two hour drive to the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed In The California Mojave Desert! I love the desert and am a tad bit obsessed with Cacti and Joshua Trees. The wind was intense but JENNIFER was there on set to fix those hair flyaways. Last but not least KAYDE & I are off on an airplane to Las Vegas to meet with photographer MARK MOZZIER on a 3 day trip to Zion National Park in Utah! After landing in Las Vegas we have a beautiful 3 hour drive to Duck Creek, where we stayed 9000 feet into the mountains!

We experienced a snow blizzard the entire time we were staying there. On day one we headed down the mountains to Zion National Park to scout out some shooting locations! Unfortunately there was a bad storm taking up most of the western US that we had gotten caught in so shooting in the pouring rain all 3 days! The outcome of day one, some great shots by a little creek in Zion. I was shaking the entire shoot because it was so cold, but it was well worth the shivers for the end photo results! On day two we drove around the ENTIRE park trying to find an opening from the rain to shoot, but no suck luck even worse weather then the first day. So we knocked it on the head and called it a day. The 3rd day was a success with lots of shooting time and plenty of photos to show for it! My photos from the 3rd day have been featured in Playboy Italy and will be cover for the May issue in San Diego based magazine "Kasanova".

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